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Vapor Rub…Menthol rub

I hope we all are learning to be more green in our daily lives.  I learned that petroleum based product are poisonous to our systems as well as can cause brain deficiencies in children.   Why are these products on the market?  We all know the famous V**ks vapor rub, even the kind marketed to babies all has as its 1st ingredient as petroleum.  Here is a more natural version.

1/2 cup of solid coconut oil

1/8 cup of olive oil

3 or 4 drops of Eucalyptus oil

1 Tbsp of Menthol crystals

Melt coconut oil in small microwavable bowl or jar. Stir in olive oil and eucalyptus oil.  Add menthol crystals until melted.  Pour into a jar or bowl with a lid.  Put in a cool dry place or refrigerator  until almost solid.  Keep tightly covered.  Use just like the brand type rub.  If too strong, variate the ingredients.


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Natural Hair Treatment

Last time I posted a recipe for my hair pomade.  This mixture is also good for very dry skin and cracked places and massaging.  I can make it for you myself and ship it for a small price and in a variety of fragrances.  If Melody wants I can maybe sell through her online store.  It may run about $10 per 8oz jar.  I have not figured out the exact cost and shipping yet.  When I do I will post it.  So I thought I would throw this out there for those who wanted to know.  I would do the same with my tonic for the winter chill if I could ship alcohol over state lines, but maybe I could ship just the brew w/o the alcohol and people can add it in later.  Just a thought.  Ha, Ha.  Hope all are staying warm and dry.


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Dry Scalp Pomade

I am a racial mixture.  I have hair that is a mixture.  My scalp can be very dry at times and my hair can be soft or brittle.  For you all like myself or  who have a dry itchy scalp sometimes and/or dry hair ends, this is good to keep hair from breaking and the itch and soreness at bay.

1/4 lb of 100% Natural Shea butter**   (can be found at African markets)

1/2 C. of olive oil or Jojoba

1/2 C. of coconut oil (solid or liquid)

2 teaspoons of Tea tree oil (pure)

2 teaspoons of Rosemary oil (pure)

1 teaspoon of Eucalyptus oil (pure)

1 drop of camphor (if you can find it)

1/4 C of bees wax (optional) help mixture to solidify

Melt the coconut and Shea butter (and bees wax) in a safe sturdy bowl in Microwave or on stove in good solid sauce pan on low heat.  When melted and barely hot, mix in the other oils with a whisk or wooden spoon.   Pour into jars or plastic containers with lids, do not cover until nice and cool.

To use.  Wash and condition hair and towel or air dry as normal.  Part hair into little sections, take a little pomade on finger and rub into part, then repeat until whole head is done.  Take a little pomade in palm of had rub palms together until almost liquid, and put on ends of hair.  Brush, comb and style hair as normal.

**some oils can be ordered from http://www.barefootpath.org, Melody’s store (preferred to give her the business).

**Shea butter, some oils and bulk jars can be ordered from http://www.madinaonline.com if you do not have a store near you.  This company also sells individual jars and bottles or bulk at very low prices.

By Catie Mac

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Witches Brew

We all must have some recipes, mixtures, tonics, and poultices that have been handed down by our ancestors to us.  I will be in the future asking my mother about some of the stuff she has used or my grandmother has given to her.  Most of these things are medicinal.  Like a rub we used made from liniment and mustard. Then there is sassafras tea.  The natural  cleansers of the body like an infusion using dandelion root, the leaves and lemon or wheat grass hot with honey that is supposed to clean the organs, taste nasty but you feel so much better.  There are also natural mixtures for getting rid of cancers. Some people are making big bucks from old wives recipes and natural cures that women in the past would be outcast, tortured or burned in the past if someone labeled them a witch.  I am glad today is different.    So we need a new category for these recipes.  I vote that we call it “Witches Brew.”

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