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Hope you remembered to wear some green today to avoid that dreaded pinch!! 

Whether you have Irish blood or not, everyone can appreciate the luck of the Irish.  God/dess knows all of us could use a good bit of that luck once in a while, sometimes more than others!   I end this post w/a prayer and a blessing.  The prayer is a portion of the Breastplate of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and the namesake of today’s holiday:

Christ be with me,
Christ within me,
Christ behind me,
Christ before me,
Christ beside me,
Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort
and restore me.
Christ beneath me,
Christ above me,
Christ in quiet,
Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of
all that love me,
Christ in mouth of
friend and stranger.

If you like to read the entire prayer, here is a link to do so: http://www.prayerfoundation.org/st_patricks_breastplate_prayer.htm

And I found this video today while searching for an Irish blessing and I think it sums up what I wish for everyone:

Erin Go Bragh and Blessed be.


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Well in this case, what it means to ME….

Everyone knows what it means to be a Christian, at least on a basic level.  To be a follower and believer of Jesus Christ/Yeshua and his message and teachings and to accept him as a Messiah and Saviour.  Pretty simple right??

Well a longtime and open-minded friend of mine asked me, what it really means to be a witch.  At first, I honestly didn’t know how to answer that person, I thought about going into this long winded spiel about respecting nature, gods and goddesses, sabbats, herbs, stones, Tarot Cards, meditation and other New Age” related examples.  But I realized that anybody can rattle off that and never get to the “heart” of the craft.  

I realized that anyone can call themselves a witch, but do they really understand what that means?  I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that know precisely what it means to them, but there are probably just as many out there that use the term, but have NO idea exactly what defines it.   This entire thought process then got me wondering, did I truly understand what it meant to me to call myself a witch?  

At the time this all occurred, I had been studying and learning about the Craft for nearly a year.  Then one day in my studies, I discovered this poem and knew that for me, it was a perfect definition of what being a witch meant.    This was one of the first things I wrote in my BOS&L when I started it and I read it every so often as a reminder of why I call myself a witch as well as a Christian…

So if you are questioning what it means to call oneself a witch, I hope this helps give you some of your answers.  (PS. I made one small change in the original poem to reflect my personal faith in the Divine God/dess!)

To Be a Witch…

To be a witch is to love & be loved.
To be a witch is to know everything & nothing at all.
To be a witch is to move amongst the stars while staying on earth.
To be a witch is to change the world around you & yourself.
To be a witch is to share & give while receiving all the while.
To be a witch is to dance & sing & hold hands with the universe.
To be a witch is to honor God/dess & yourself.
To be a witch is to Be Magick not just perform it.
To be a witch is to be honorable or nothing at all.
To be a witch is to accept others who are not.
To be a witch is to know what you feel is right & good.
To be a witch is to harm none.
To be a witch is to know the ways of old.
To be a witch is to see beyond the barriers.
To be a witch is to follow the moon.
To be a witch is to be one with God/dess.
To be a witch is to study & to learn.
To be a witch is to be the teacher & the student.
To be a witch is to acknowledge the truth.
To be a witch is to live with the earth & not just on it.
To be a witch is to be truly free!

-author unknown-

If anyone has any additional thoughts to this blog post, I’m eager to hear from others on this topic.  What do you think defines one as a witch?  What makes you believe yourself to be a witch?  If you don’t use the term witch, what do you call yourself and why? 

Blessed be!

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While browsing one of my favorite online sources of witch/pagan related information, I stumbled across an interesting story.  It has been posted and re-posted on many Wiccan, Pagan and other Witch related blogs, sites and online Books of Shadows.   To protect others copyright, I am taking this story from a website called sacred-texts.com.  The author/creator of this story is unknown, but whomever they were, they clearly believed Yeshua to be a divine human sent from a dualistic Divine God and Goddess to help, teach and save us.    (You’ll recognize a few significant Tarot card references as well)   This to me, is a great example of why Christian Witchcraft, Christian Mysticism and Christo-Paganism can and do exist!  Hope you enjoy this….

The Jesus Story

The Lord and the Lady (and the Fool, of course) looked at the Men and Women, and were not pleased.
“Look at that! They saw Your Sacrifice, and went and elaborated it into some kind of magic.” The Lady spoke disgustedly. “Cutting out human hearts. Sacrificial Kings. Ritual burnings. Ritual torture. Blood sacrifices. Cannibalism. Blood, killing and more blood! What -do- they think they’re doing?”
“I agree it’s pretty grim,” said the Sacred King, “But it does work, though in a very limited way. So….what can we do about it?”
“I know what We can do, but it will take all of Us,” said the Fool, unsmiling. “Listen up….”
As he began to explain, the faces of all Three grew grimmer and grimmer, and sad beyond words.

The Fool incarnated as a Child within a Woman, who was the Mother and the Maiden. He was born in poverty, and laid in a straw bed.  He grew up in a small village in a backwater nation on the edges of a great Empire. Some, a very few, knew Him and honored Him, seeing Him as the Child, truly the Child of Promise, but most simply went on with their lives, unknowing. When He was of age, He turned, and from Child became Transformer, and He began to teach.  As Transformer, He went out on the dusty roads of the small, conquered nation, and taught the Way of Love. Love for -all,- not just some. He taught of the Brotherhood of Man, and of the Fatherhood of the Lord.  He taught of the Way of Salvation: to love. To love the Diety, and to love your neighbor, whoever he might be.  He brought a message of hope to the poor, and a warning to the opressor.   Around Him, He assembled a small band of men and women, and taught them His Mystery. But one was given a role to play, and the role was Betrayer.  

A man asked, “Teacher, what shall we do when those that hate us strike us?”
And He answered, “Turn the other cheek, and let them strike you again. Give them love in return for hate. If you must take up the sword, then do it in great reluctance, and only after you have stepped aside time and time again. Remember that I bring you not peace, but a sword, for this Path will separate you from your families and friends, and your enemies will persecute you in their ignorance.  And forgive your enemies, and those who wrong you, that you may put away your anger and live in love.”
Another asked, “Sensei, what of the poor?”
And He answered, “The poor you shall always have with you, but give them the tools to lift themselves out of their poverty. Clothe and feed them, but give them the means of independence also.”
“But what of the rich, then?” said a wealthy man.
“Give what you have to the poor. give them of clothing, and food, and, more importantly, of learning, for if you feed a man, then you have only given him one meal, but if you teach him to feed himself, then he may eat for a lifetime, and move from the cycle of poverty and ignorance,” He said. “Lay not treasures up for yourself on earth, save that you give of that treasure to those in need, but rather lay up treasure in heaven, for it would be easier for a camel to pass thru a needle’s eye than for an avaricious man to leave his earthly treasure for heaven.”
A Doctor asked Him, “Healer, what of the sick?”
“Verily, let them be healed by the knowledge of man, and by prayer,” He answered, “For whatsoever you ask in prayer, if you have faith even as small as the tiniest grain of mustard seed, what you need will be granted you. But be wary of what you ask for, for you will get what you need, and not always what you want.”
A woman asked, “Rabbi, what of those that follow other Teachers?”
And He answered, smiling, “There are many rooms in your Father’s house, and many fields in Heaven. And I come again, and yet again, and as there are many languages of mankind, so are there many Names for Deity. Rejoice in it, and be glad of the diversity of Deity, and do not hate those that call the Diety by other names, but rather weigh them by their deeds.”
And one asked of Him, “How should we pray?”
And He answered, saying, “Pray in your own fashion, as you will, for all prayer is good. But if you wish, pray thusly:
‘Our Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom
come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread, and forgive us our errors, as we forgive the errors of
others. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.’

And if you feel this prayer should be given to the Mother, then let it be so.”
And a Priest shouted, angrily, “Shall God be then female?”
And He answered, “The Deity is what It will be, not what you make It into. You see the Diety in your own image; if you are vengeful, then your God is vengeful. If you are full of hate, then your God is hateful. But if you have love, then you shall know the Deity’s love.  Listen, and be wise.”
A child asked, “Father, how shall we know what is right, and what is wrong?”
And He replied, “Weigh it by it’s fruits. If it gives a bad fruit, then it is wrong, but if the fruit is good, then eat of it and be happy.”  “But Brother, what of a fruit that seems to be good, yet will poison us slowly?” asked another.
And He answered, “If a man die of it, then it is an evil fruit.  Look you to the past, see the mistakes therein, and learn therefrom.  And beware those who would lead you into error thru their own need of power over you; leave them to the trap of their own making.”
One of the Priests came to Him, a man enmeshed in legalism, and thinking to trap Him said, “Teacher, What is the Law?”
And He looked at the Priest and said, “Love God. Love thy neighbor. All else is commentary, and the Law of Man. Study the holy books of all faiths, weigh the good and the bad in each, and learn.”
And the Priest went away abashed.
And a person came to Him and said, “What of magic?”   “Know that your will is that of a human, and you are not omniscient. You cannot see all the results of your actions. Therefore ask ‘Not my will, but Thine be done’ and leave the ordering of the MultiVerse to Deity, not to human will,” He replied. “Order yourself, not the MultiVerse.”

And two came to Him, and asked, “O Mahatma, We are of the same sex, and love each other. What shall we do?”
And He looked upon them, and said, “An it harm none, do as you will.  You are all the Children of the Deity, and the Deities’ Love for you is greater than you can imagine.”
A policeman asked of Him, “But what of the Laws of Man? If these Laws of Man conflict with the Law of the Diety, what shall we do then, Padre?”
And Transformer answered, “Listen and hear. Obey the Laws of Man, for these Laws have power over your body. But if there is a man-made law that is not good, then strive to change it, in peace. But if you cannot change it, then obey it. And, if you must disobey it to change it, then accept the judgements of Man’s Law in good grace until it is changed. But put not your trust in Rulers, and Kings and Princes, nor in those that would lead you, be they Priest, Priestess, or any other Office and Position, but weigh their words carefully, that their words match their deeds, and no hypocrisy enters into them, for as your leaders you have given them power over you. And always remember that Man’s Law is made for humanity, and not humanity for Man’s Law.”
And with the policeman was a woman, who had violated the Law of Man, and had been taken for her crime. She said, “But what of me, Lord? I am to be stoned by the crowd.”
And He picked up a stone from the ground, looked at her, and said, simply, “Let he who is without mistakes cast the first stone at you.” And He dropped His stone from His hand.  And there was a silence from the crowd, and those with stones in their hands dropped them guiltily to the ground.
And He said to her, “Learn from your error, go in peace, and make error no more.”
And he said to those that had dropped their stones, and who were burdened by their guilt, “Be not guilty, for guilt is but a warning from your conscience. Be you delivered from your hell. Learn from your error, put it from you, and err no more.  And equally, if the tree that gives a bad fruit can be taught to give a good fruit, then do so. But if it persist in giving bad fruits, then leave it.”
And He walked to a nearby hill, and turned to the people, and spoke thusly:
        “Blessed be those who are poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
        “Blessed be those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.”
        “Blessed be the meek, for they shall live to inherit the earth, long after the strong, and the proud, and the warlike have killed each other in their pride.”
        “Blessed be those that hunger and thirst after the Truth, for they shall know it.”
        “Blessed be the merciful, for they shall have mercy shown unto them.”
        “Blessed be the pure in heart, for they shall see the Deity all the days of their lives and after.”
        “Blessed be those that make peace among men, for they shall be called the Children of the Diety.”
        “Blessed be those that are persecuted for the sake of the Truth, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
        Blessed be you, when men shall persecute you, and perjure themselves against you, and lie about you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for your reward is great indeed.”
        “Let your Light so shine before all humanity, that they may know the Truth of you, and learn to live in love.”

And he placed His hand upon the head of a dog, and said, “Your Brothers and Sisters in fur are your Brothers and Sisters in truth. They are in your care, and in your hands. Treat them with kindness, and that kindness will be returned to you a thousandfold. To those that give themselves to be eaten by you offer thanks, and be grateful to them for your sustenance.   Treat your Mother the earth likewise with kindness, and all the growing things thereon will sing your praises to the Highest, and you shall eat and drink of Her fruits, and live in joy and gladness all the days of your lives. Little children, love one another!”

In truth, there was much more that He taught, and much of it is written for our study and learning, and the study of His teachings is a good and worthy thing. But the following of His teachings is a better thing, for He was who He said He was, and that is also a Great Mystery.
And the Betrayer spoke to Him, and said, “Renounce this Path. It only leads to destruction. Give over to me, and I will give you rulership of all the kingdoms of Earth.”
And He gazed upon the Betrayer, and spoke, and said, “Get thee hence, foolish one, for I have no need of earthly treasure, nor earthly power, for all such is false, and an illusion.”
And on the night that He was betrayed, during a Festival that celebrated the conquered people’s deliverance from tyranny, (and to choose such a time and place is also a Great Mystery and a great lesson).  He took of the Sacred King, the Bread of Life, blessed and broke it, and gave it to His followers, and said, “This is My body. Do this in remembrance of Me.”
And then he took wine, fruit of the Mother, and blessed it, and gave it to them also, and said, “This is My blood. Do this in remembrance of Me.”  And Transformer was betrayed by the Betrayer, betrayed to the legalists and the soldiers of the occupying army, accused of sedition and taken by the Law of Man, and sentenced to die.
And they fastened Him to an instrument of torture, to kill Him like a common criminal, with cruel jokes.
And He was hung from a Tree.  And watching was the Mother, and the Maiden, and the Crone, and They all three mourned Him.   He turned, and was the Sacred King, and simultaneously the Fool (and that is a Great Mystery indeed) and, as He died, he said, “It is finished.” And His Blood ran out upon the Earth, and worked a great magic.  His body was buried in a tomb of rock, and the soldiers of the occupying army guarded it.   But after three days and three nights, a greater magic was done, and He took His body again, sitting with the Lord and the Lady, and showed Himself to His followers, to show them that Death is not to be feared.
And He said, “You have been bought, and redeemed, and nevermore shall you make sacrifice of blood, for this is the Final Sacrifice for all time, for all places, and for all those there are and were, and will be.  And fear not Death, for it it but a change in a MultiVerse of changes; another turning of the wheel on a road all must travel.”
And He shall come again, as He has throughout all history, teaching the Great Truth: that we shall love the Deity, and love our neighbor, for Love is the heart of the Law, and that Law is Love. For He is always with us and in us all.

“I don’t -ever- want to go through that again!”
The Fool spoke vehemently, thru tears.
“I don’t think you’ll have to go quite -that- far the next time,” said the Lady. “They’ll still play their stupid games with blood, but not for very much longer.”
“I hope not,” said the Sacred King, “But do We have to put up with that Paul fella? He’s a bit of a nut-case.”
“If you want it to work out right, yes,” said the Lady. “He may be a nut-case, but he’ll spread the Word quickly, and, after a time, they’ll get the idea. And from that will come the seed of My future believers.”
“Sorry about that,” said the Fool. “I did my best, but in such a patriarchal society as that one was, I just couldn’t make much headway about You.”
“No problem,” She said. “They can deny Me all they want to, but I’m still here.”

Thus it was, and so it is, and evermore shall be so!

Quite an interesting perspective of Jesus’ story, isn’t it??  As for me, this story goes into my personal BOS, because the next time someone asks me how and what I believe, I’ll just hand them this story with a smile, as my answer!

Blessed be!!

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A Season of Light…

Recently there have been many blogs, articles, essays and other postings about the “Season of Light” referencing either Advent/Christmas, Hanukkah or Yule/Winter Solstice.   I must ask, why do we separate them, why can they not be viewed as one great, united holiday celebration?  I realize that each faith has its own origins, own rituals, practices and prayers and of course Gods/ Goddesses.  But ultimately they are all connected by one important link: light.  Of course it is also expressed in different ways: Advent/Christmas: Jesus is the world’s light, Hanukkah: one day’s worth of oil kept the lamp going for eight days and Yule/Winter Solstice: the rebirth of the God or  Sun into the world.  Even atheists and agnostics recognize and celebrate idea of a return of  the “light” this time of the year.

I don’t believe it is a coincidence that these holidays/traditions all coincide at the same time on the calendar.  I believe it was a Divine decision!  Even though some may argue that the events of Jesus’ birth actually took place in the spring, but I believe that God/dess spiritually intervened to be certain all of these events were celebrated together.  I view them as a way to unite the different faiths and traditions, all by way of celebrating the birth/rebirth of “light”.  Whether that light comes from the birth of a child that would be Savior, the miracle of an oil lamp lasting for eight days or the return of light with the growing strength of the sun, it is still LIGHT for the world and her people. 

This holiday season I urge everyone to stay firmly within that light, whether it be through Jesus the newborn Son of God/dess, the miracle of the burning lamp, the rebirth of the sun or all three combined!   Bring the light into your heart and your life and never let it go out.

So whatever holiday(s) you decide to celebrate: light the candles in your Menorah or Advent wreath, turn on your holiday tree lights, burn a Yule log or simply go outside to watch the sunrise as reminders of this glorious season.  Use those symbols as a way to fill yourself with the joy and the wonder of this Season of “Light”. 

Happy Holidays and Blessed Be!

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I have always wondered why Santa Claus was also known as Saint Nicholas and Kris Kringle. I mean, how can the same person have so many different names?

In my research on the Feast of Saint Nicholas, I realized that Claus was just a shortened version of Nicholas, and “Santa” means “Saint”, which I did not know as a child (I was not raised in the Christian Church).

So today I was still wondering about the whole “Kris Kringle” name. It’s not even CLOSE to sounding like Santa Claus! So I searched it out tonight, my curiosity really getting to me! Here is what I learned:

As the stories of Saint Nick and Santa Claus got popular, this really bothered leaders of the Protestant Reformation who discouraged veneration of the saints, which is a hallmark of Roman Catholic ideology. They believed that the focus of Christmas ought not be St. Nicholas, but the Christ-child, known as the “Christkindlein” or “Christkindel” in German (the Protestant Reformation started in Germany). Since Christmas was a birthday celebration, the giving of gifts was kept in the holiday. Eventually the Germanic word “Christkindel” transformed into “Kris Kringle”, who merged with the other December gift-giver, Santa Claus.

Ah…..the curiosity itch has been scratched!

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Who is Regent University?
Regent University was founded by the American televangelist Pat Robertson in 1978 and promotes itself as creating “Christian Leadership to Change the World”.

Who is Blackwater?
Blackwater, now known as Xe, is a private military company offering mercenary services as killers for hire. Blackwater was founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark. Blackwater has a wide array of business divisions, subsidiaries, and spin-off corporations. Blackwater’s tactical training facility is based in North Carolina and is boasted to be the world’s largest; it trains more than 40,000 people a year. In February 2009, Blackwater changed its name to “Xe” as the name “Blackwater” was too well known for its murderous ideologies and long list of lawsuits concerning its slaughter of innocents, the most well known being the “Nisour Square Incident”. The “Nisour Square Incident” was the September 2007 shooting in central Baghdad which killed the 17 Iraqi civilians. (The company has previously said that the guards’ convoy had come under fire. However, since “Order 17” had been withdrawn, five former Blackwater guards have been indicted on federal charges in 14 previous Blackwater shootings. A sixth Blackwater guard has already pleaded guilty.) For more information on Blackwater Xe’s private armies & paid mercenaries, including their human rights violations, absence of accountability and their war-profiteering, visit http://www.blackwaterwatch.net.

Regent + Blackwater
This past summer, Regent University offered Government Camp 2009 to high school students. “Education was just one of the many goals that Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riano, chairman of the School of Undergraduate Studies’ Department of Government, History and Criminal Justice, had in mind when he organized the camp down to the last detail on the itinerary. He also wanted to instill a passion for government leadership into the students.” Part of the Camp Curriculum was visiting Blackwater’s “comprehensive security training facility” in Moyock, N.C. Moreno-Riano documented much of the campers’ experiences at these locations in a running blog throughout the camp. When speaking of the visit to the Emergency Operations Center for the State of Virginia in Richmond, Moreno-Riano is like an excited child at Christmas as he describes the awes and wonders of wartime killing machines: “We were able to tour this compound and the versatile and heavily equipped mobile command units. These are like rolling B-52 bombers with global communications capabilities and all the generators and gizmos one could ever want…” Gizmos? Hardly a word that should be used for killing machines.

FOX News Terrorism/Middle East Expert Dr. Walid Phares was the featured speaker during the camp’s concluding banquet. He told the audience of campers and their parents, “Your generation will find the solutions to many of the world’s problems that my generation couldn’t. The education you’re getting in your classrooms and in experiences like Regent’s Government Camp will prepare you to make rational decisions in the future.” Really? Visiting Blackwater and learning how to become a paid killer is going to help America’s Youth make rational decisions and solve our world’s problems?

What Experience is Needed on a Resume for Christ

Isaiah 58
• loosed the chains of injustice
• untied the cords of the yoke
• set the oppressed free
• broke every yoke
• shared food with the hungry
• provided the poor wanderer with shelter
• clothed the naked
• did not to turn away from my own flesh and blood

Matthew 25
• gave food to the hungry
• gave drink to the thirsty
• provided hospitality to strangers
• clothed the naked
• looked after the sick
• visited prisoners

Luke 4
• preached good news to the poor
• proclaimed freedom for the prisoners
• recovered sight for the blind
• released the oppressed
• proclaimed the year of the Lord’s favor

What Experience is Needed on a Resume for Blackwater


To be considered for a position as an Independent Contractor for Blackwater as a Protective Security Specialist (PSS) in support of a contract with the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security – Submit your DETAILED RESUME ONLY (no scanned certificates or documents) resume by email:

YOU MUST MEET OR EXCEED ALL OF THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS: Must have minimum of one (1) year experience in providing Protective Security Services (high threat close protection, preferably overseas) in: Special Operations, US Military Special Forces, US Secret Service, Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, commercial executive protection services, or military, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

PLUS these BSC Requirements:

• Must be willing and able to deploy overseas for at least 6 months
• Must be a U.S. Citizen, proof of citizenship required (copy of Blue Tourist Passport).
• Must be able to pass a general health physical.
• Must be able to obtain a Secret Clearance.
• Weight must be proportionate to height.
• Must be able to pass a physical fitness test.
• Must present and maintain a neat and clean appearance.
• No history of major illness or mental disorder.
• Experience must be verifiable, submit a DD-214 or other paperwork that can be independently verified.
• Must have an Honorable Discharge.
• Must possess good written and verbal communications skills in English.
• No felony or violent crime convictions (NO WAIVERS).
• No personal bankruptcy or outstanding credit deliquency within seven years.
• No DUI or illegal drug use history within seven years.
• No spouse abuse or domestic violence conviction.

Regent + Blackwater = Over Zealous Paid Killers for Christ
What are we teaching our youth? Will they follow in the footsteps of worldly wisdom or follow in the footsteps of Christ?

“They are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge.”
Romans 10:2

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friday 13
There are so many myths and legends as to why people consider the number 13 unlucky. Add to that the crucifixion of Christ on a Friday and other ominous activities, and now we have Paraskevidekatriaphobia!

Another origin of the Friday superstition is in Norse mythology. Friday is named for Frigga, the free-spirited goddess of love and fertility. When Norse and Germanic tribes converted to Christianity, Frigga was banished in shame to a mountaintop and labeled a witch. It was believed that every Friday, the spiteful goddess convened a meeting with eleven other witches, plus the devil (a gathering of thirteen) and plotted ill turns of fate for the coming week. For many centuries in Scandinavia, Friday was known as “Witches’ Sabbath.” Once again, thanks to ignorant Christians, we see the devil confused with witchcraft.

The Knights Templar were a monastic military order founded in Jerusalem in 1118 C.E., whose mission was to protect Christian pilgrims during the Crusades. Over the next two centuries, the Knights Templar became extraordinarily powerful and wealthy. Threatened by that power and eager to acquire their wealth, King Philip secretly ordered the mass arrest of all the Knights Templar in France on Friday, October 13, 1307.

Amazingly, according to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States are affected by a fear of Friday the 13th!

Just like the fear of the Pentagram, I believe the number 13 has been “punished” due to ignorance. I try to steal back the number by adding it to everything! It is on both of our cars’ license plates and I always try to use it when I need a number for something.

But, people being what we are, we will always be inclined to be superstitious and find conspiracy in every corner. I certainly do not feel that our government is innocent of everything and I do agree that there is much conspiracy where our government is concerned, but some people take it a bit too far! In reading about the number 13, I came across a website that made me laugh and I thought I would share it with everyone: http://enominepatris.com/occult/index.htm. These people have WAY too much time on their hands! I find it interesting that at the bottom of this page, the letters for WWW (as in the world wide web) are equated with 666, and yet this group has a website right here on Satan’s media highway!

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, NOR FRIDAY THE 13TH, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:38-39 with my own additions).

Blessings to all & I hope your Friday the 13th is spectacular!

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