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I am Cat,

You can catch some of my eclectic, controversial or funny peculiar stuff at Lady Cate’s blog.  I am a member of The Raven Wing Guild.

The Administrator and I, Melody have been friends since the mid 80’s and have experienced a lot of life together,  the good, bad, and ugly.

We have experienced so much spiritual stuff, miracles, sightings of Angels, demons, and ghosts, and the Awesome Power of the Most High, the energy of the Universe, meditations, out of body stuff, etc,  that I feel we are sisters or even sort of soul-mates if 2 straight friends can be such.  She has been one of the best friends I have ever had.  I hope we grow into old crones together, Ha, ha,  stirring up some brew.  Toil, Toil, no boil no Trouble, only good wholesome, things filled with Light, Energy, and Love.  Well, I wish every one  to be on the good path.

Proverbs 3:5 -6 says:  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t depend on on your own understanding.  Remember the Lord in all you do, and he will give you success. (NCV)

Peace, Love, and Success to all, remember we are Salt and Light.



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raven tree

The Raven Wing Guild of Christian Witches


  • To Educate People about Witchcraft as an Artistic Form of Expression which can be Practiced within any System of Faith
  • To Promote Unity among People from all Walks of Life
  • To Provide a Place of Support, Training, and Accountability for Practitioners of Christian Witchcraft


  • We see Christian Witches openly practicing The Craft, free from Fear and Condemnation
  • We see a Network of Christian Witches developing new friendships and strengthening current relationships
  • We see the formation of an Association of Covenant Circles to provide a Place for Practitioners of Christian Witchcraft to gather with others who are of a similar Faith Path


Annual Membership Dues shall be $60.00 US payable through PayPal.

What happens with your Annual Membership Dues?

(1) $10.00 will be given as an offering to Blood:Water Mission (www.bloodwatermission.com).  Blood:Water Mission helps provide clean blood and clean water to Africans who face unbearable challenges from the HIV/AIDS virus and water crises.

(2)  You Will Receive the 2010 Witches Datebook by Llewellyn.  Each year you will be sent a new annual datebook upon renewal into the Guild as soon as the datebook becomes available.

(3)  You Will Receive a Celtic Cross Sketchbook for use as a Grimoire, Journal, Book of Shadows, Mirror Book, etc.  Each year you will be sent a new book of a different design upon renewal into the Guild.  This book will be sent out with your annual datebook.

(4)  You Will Be Given an Annual Certificate of Membership.

(5)  You will have the opportunity to join an Online Blogging Community at theravenwing.wordpress.com.

(6)  You will receive an Invitation to our Annual Christian Witches Retreat, a 3-day weekend filled with fun, magick, relaxation, relevant teachings and focus groups, as well as goodies like discounted massage, reiki, tuning fork sessions, and more!

(7)  You will be Provided with a Savings Code by which you will always be able to receive 15% off of recommended retail price on over 5000 spiritual & metaphysical items designed to help you lead a more spiritual, magical, natural & organic life.  Items include jewelry, books, CDs, DVDs, altar & ritual tools, herbs, candles, oils, charts, giftware, and much, much more!  The Barefoot Path Online Witchcraft Store, located at store.barefootpath.org, already offers an automatic 10% discount off of the recommended retail price.  When applied, your Savings Code will take off an additional 5%, bringing your total savings to 15%!

(8)  30% Off Sabbat Ritual Kits designed especially for Celebrating the Wheel of the Year.  Eight times a year, as we celebrate the Seasonal Sabbats, you will have the opportunity to purchase a Ritual Kit that will include the following items:

  • 1 Sabbat Amulet
  • 2 Votive Candles of Seasonal/Sabbat Color
  • 6 oz Package of Bath Salts
  • 2 Dram Bottle of Oil
  • 20 Stick Package of Incense
  • 2 oz of a Magickal Herb to Add to Your Herb Chest
  • 4 oz of Holy Water
  • 7″ Smudge Stick Bundle

Sabbat Ritual Kits retail for approximately $40.00 but you will be able to purchase each Sabbat Ritual Kit for only $28.00!  Sabbat Ritual Kits will be available for purchase at any time during the year, but in order to ensure you receive your Sabbat Ritual Kit in time for the Sabbat, it is recommended that you order according to the following schedule:

Sabbat Ritual Kit Needed                      Order Kit During These Dates

Samhain:                                              September 22 to October 24

Yule:                                                     November 1 to December 14

Imbolc:                                                 December 22 to January 25

Ostara:                                                 February 2 to March 14

Beltane:                                               March 22 to April 23

Litha:                                                   May 1 to June 14

Lughnasadh:                                       June 22 to July 25

Mabon:                                                 August 2 to September 14

(9)  As our Yule Gift to You, once a year you will be able to purchase one (1) item of your choice in any price range at 40% off the recommended retail price from The Barefoot Path Online Witchcraft Store, located at store.barefootpath.org.  Choose from something small like a $1.50 Votive Candle priced for you at $ .90!  Choose from something mid-sized like a $55.95 Herb Chest priced for you at $33.57!  Or choose from something extravagant like the $257.95 Large 200mm Clear Crystal Ball for dramatic savings priced for you at $154.77! The Choice is Yours!  Your Yule Gift will be available for purchase from November 1 through December 31; a Savings Code will be provided prior to November 1.

Association of Covenant Circles

The Raven Wing Guild of Christian Witches is helping to form an Association of Covenant Circles, also known as Gatherings, Home Churches, Covens, Circles, Groves, etc.  If you are currently involved in a Covenant Circle and would like to list your local group, please let us know!  If you are interested in finding a Covenant Circle in your area, please contact us & we will assist you in every way that we can.

Covenant Circles provide a place where Christian Witches can openly practice The Craft, free from fear and condemnation.  This is a place where we can develop new friendships and strengthen current ones.

Gathering with other Christian Witches who are of a similar Faith Path will also help provide support, training, and accountability for all involved.

All topics are open for discussion, but we must remember that we are all walking this Faith Path and some of us may be on different parts of the same Path.  Absolute Truth does exist, but for any one person to claim to have all knowledge of Absolute Truth is prohibited as it is truly unattainable in this lifetime.  That being said, please be cautious when discussing subject matters that are considered “hot topics”, such as the existence of Heaven & Hell versus Reincarnation, the Nature & Deity of Jesus, Sexual Orientation, etc.  We all have opinions and beliefs on many topics based on both Scripture and Life Experience.  This is an open gathering place!

An Open Invitation

The Raven Wing Guild of Christian Witches extends an open invitation to all people.  You need not be a Christian or a practitioner of Witchcraft to join us.  We have friends and members who are Wiccan, Spiritualist, Christian, Buddhist, etc or simply seeking a different Spiritual Path.  Please remember, this group is primarily focused on Christian Witchcraft.  Foul, judgmental, or hurtful remarks will not be tolerated.  This is a place to express freedom!

Basic Tenets & Beliefs

What follows is a basic Statement of Faith.  You do not need to believe exactly as we believe.  We present this to you for your consideration as people may ask what you believe as a Christian Witch.  Please feel free to copy and modify these beliefs for your own Personal Statement of Faith or Personal Creed.

  • Elohim (Goddess & God & Christ) has always existed as One beyond Time & Space, eternal, without beginning & without end
  • Elohim, also referred to here as God/dess, created all things and called all things “good”
  • All humans are fearfully & wonderfully made, created in the Image of the Divine, and as such we carry that Divine Spark within us
  • Scripture encourages us to be partakers of the Divine Nature
  • Elohim is revealed to humankind through Scripture as The Holy Family
  • Goddess is revealed as El Shaddai, the Mother, Co-Creator, Sophia, Divine Wisdom, the Holy Spirit
  • God is revealed as YHWH, the Father, Co-Creator, Shepherd, Agape, Love
  • Christ is revealed as Yeshua, the Word, Son, Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, High Priest
  • Scripture is The Written Word as revealed concerning The Living Word (Christ)
  • The Holy Spirit reveals Herself to many souls without the use of Scripture
  • Absolute Truth does exist
  • Any one person having all knowledge of Absolute Truth is unattainable in this lifetime
  • Scripture states that we are constantly being changed from Glory to Glory with unending Revelation
  • Inspired Scripture is also unending and we do not accept the concept of a Closed Canon of Scripture
  • Through the Grace of Unending revelation, we grow to know Truth through the immediate presence of Christ within us
  • Scripture, given by Elohim, cannot contradict Truth
  • Scripture contributes to our understanding of Truth and stands as a second authority to check our understanding of Elohim’s Word within us
  • Scripture is uniquely, verbally and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit and is written without error (inerrant) in the original manuscripts
  • No one has the original manuscripts of Scripture
  • Christ always existed in Elohim but was only revealed as Yeshua when born in the flesh
  • Christ, as expressed in Yeshua, became fully human when born in the flesh
  • Goddess, as the Holy Spirit, overshadowed the woman Mary, entering her womb in order to carry the Divine Seed
  • God, as the Father, expressed in Divine Union with his Eternal Mate, Goddess, gave his Seed for birth into the world
  • Christ, as Yeshua, became enfleshed in the womb of a Mary
  • The Light of Christ has been given to all people everywhere, at all times in history
  • People who have never heard of the historic Christ but have had experiential knowledge of Christ within have found salvation because the Eternal Christ was known before the historic Christ
  • All Believers are called to be Priestesses & Priests, serving our High Priest Yeshua & Elohim
  • All Believers are called to put into practice certain Disciplines that are found in Scripture
  • Spiritual Gifts are given to all Believers for the encouragement & growth of the People belonging to Elohim
  • All Spiritual Gifts are available to all Believers at all times as determined by the Holy Spirit
  • Christ has given all Believers Spiritual Commands which we are to obey
  • The Earth has been entrusted to Humanity for a temporaral home and as such it is our responsibility to care for the Earth as one of Elohim’s Divine & Living Creations
  • Motivated by Fear, Greed, & Power, as well as Political and Personal Agendas, great error has occurred in (1) claiming that the Canon of Scripture is closed, (2) removing sacred & valuable texts from our current Scriptures, and (3) errant translation & transliteration of Scripture.
  • Motivated by Fear, Greed, & Power, as well as Political and Personal Agendas, two completely different words, the Hebrew word “Kashaph” meaning “to use power gained from the assistance or control of evil spirits” and the Greek word “Pharmakeia” meaning “the use or the administering of drugs or poisons” were both replaced with a third and completely different set of words “witch/witchcraft” and that this ignorance of Scriptural translation has been the cause of hatred and discrimination and death for countless numbers of God/dess’ Children.
  • The Book of Jeremiah tells us to “Stand at the Crossroads and look, ask for the Ancient Paths, seek the Merry Way; Walk in it, and you will find Rest for your Soul.”
  • Divine Magick and Spells are simply Prayers, Rituals & Intentions as described in Scripture
  • God/dess works Magick today and that all Natural & Supernatural Elements & Resources are given for that Purpose
  • Christ stated in Scripture we would do Greater Works
  • Christ stated in Scripture that He had many more things to tell us
  • Christ stated in Scripture that when the Holy Spirit is given to us we would have no need to be taught by any human and that the Holy Spirit would lead us into All Truth
  • Our highest aspiration is to love God/dess & Christ and to also Love One Another and to live in Peace with all of Creation

Welcome & Blessings

We look forward to meeting you & hope you will join us at The Raven Wing Guild of Christian Witches!  Please contact us at ravens@theravenwing.org if you have any questions.

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