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It may surprise many of you to learn that Easter has already passed!

Easter is the name of a fertility goddess known throughout the Anglo, Celtic, Teutonic, Germanic & Saxon lands.  She is also known as Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Ashtar, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Austron and Ausos.  From her we get the word “estrogen”, which is a primarily a female hormone.

Bunnies and eggs are symbols of springtime fertility.  Fertile land, fertile livestock and fertile women were all extremely important to peoples living in these ancient cultures.  To celebrate Easter, people would decorate eggs with magickal symbols to celebrate her fertility.  And rabbits are known for their ability to mate!  These are powerful symbols to promote fertility and restore virility, to bring good weather, to encourage the growth of crops and protect both flocks and children against misfortune.

The word “Easter” is not in the Bible.  In Acts 12:4, the translators of the King James Version blatantly took the Greek word “Pascha” out of this verse, which means “Passover”, and inserted the fertility goddess “Easter”.  Strange, but in the 26 other places where the Greek word “Pascha” appears in the King James Version, the translators decided to keep truth of the word “Passover”.  Those who blatantly and intentionally mistranslate Scripture will be held accountable for their actions.

So when is Easter?  Easter is the Spring Equinox, which already happened this year on March 20th.  Sorry you missed it, but it will be back around!

So what should we call this holiday?  Today is Resurrection Day, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus!


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Why do people go through life dealing with things that just don’t matter?  There have been countless books out about not sweating the small stuff, knowing your worth, and not giving your power over to others.  There is countless knowledge on Spirituality, The power of Positive Thinking and how to tap into your hidden positive gifts.  Why do people, even believers keep the negative going?  We all learn about the Law of Sowing and Reaping, Karma, Eye for an eye.  Most religions, cultures, and societies natural and spiritual have a laws with consequences.  We adults know by mere life experience that this is true.  But daily some open their mouths and negative continues to come out.  Daily even on the pages of Facebook, online blogs,  social networking pages, etc, it continues to be seen.

I am so glad that my fellow ministers and pastors on the social networks that I am friends with are mostly loving and positive.  There are those few family,friends and coworkers who need a little guidance to help them to positive right road.  Know that you have what you say.   There is so much power in what we say, think, write and speak.  Some of us would do good if we could not communicate for a while.  The only thing needed is to educate yourself on this God given power of communication, Sowing and Reaping, Karma, or whatever you call it on your path.  You can change your fateful outcomes by what you think and speak.  We are given choices by the Almighty, Merciful One God for our lives, we aren’t just puppets.  The catch is if it is for The Greater Good for ourselves and those around us;  if also it is to establish the Kingdom of God in the earth.  The thing is getting self out of the way, and helping others.  How can one be of help to others or self when negative thoughts, actions, words, etc are continually coming from ones being.  Stop the madness.  Take control, get your God given power back, so you can be of use to the Divine and your fellow human.  Here are some best selling books that may help.  They only will help if you put the principles, whats in them to use.



The Bible – www.biblegateway.com

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale –  http://normanvincentpeale.wwwhubs.com/

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren – www.rickwarren.com

The Secret  by Rhonda Byrne –  www.thesecret.tv

Excuses Be Gone by Dr. Wayne Dyer – http://www.drwaynedyer.com/

The Complete Mind Body guide by Deepak Chopra www.chopra.com

New Earth and Awakening your life Purpose  by Eckhart Tolle

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Kristen and Richard Carlson  www.dontsweat.com

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Is there a spiritual path that is pure? That is free from contamination from other paths? I personally think not. I believe we all embrace aspects of various paths that have meaning to us , that assist each of us to experience both worlds, that of Spirit and Physical in the best way for each of us. Yes we may be more Pagan than Christian, or more Christian than Buddhist, or more Taoist than Atheist but we are a little of many paths especially in this generation of expanding knowledge of the world around us via the Internet. I walk the fringes of many paths , why? because there is not one path that covers all that life is. There is alot within “Universalist Mystical and Celtic ” Christianity that speaks to me, that explains alot of what I see that is going on in life, but I have found that it does not cover all that happens in life, so I find that other paths do fill in the blanks. Paganism does that for me, it explains my physical world, it helps me deal with the dualities in life that must be embraced and not shunned. In Christianity and other paths like it,   teach that we must embrace only the good, the light and so forth, of the concept of the ‘oneness’ of God,I have found that we must embrace many aspects of duality if we are to maneuver through life successfully. Paganism embraces THIS physical life with open arms in ways that other paths can not. I know we need both Light and Darkness in our lives in order for growth to happen, I know  that too much light will burn and kill you and not enough light will cause ill health and death, we need them both. We need both love and anger to deal with various aspects that come at us in life. If someone is holding a weapon on us, and is trying to kill us or our family, I know I need anger and fear to get me enough energy to fight my foe, but I also know it takes love to deal with our loved ones who need a tender compassionate heart. Paganism and Taoism teaches us to handle the dualities in life correctly, not to shun them like Christianity seems to teach. The lessons that Life teaches me , is that it takes 2 , mom and dad to make a baby, I tend to embrace the teachings of nature over what ‘man’ says is true, and nature tells me that what ever is our Creator , it most likely contains Both either as one being with 2 natures or energies, or 2 beings male and female with  a Unity of thought and purpose. I really don’t care which it is , I just know that the duality must exist because all of creation comes from the Creator and therefore we most likely  are a chip off the old block and if we are male and female then our GodParents are too.
Yes we can handle various paths and teachings in our lives, and yes we are able to take what works for us and leave what does not. We each have   unique spiritual paths made up of various aspects of many Spiritual disciplines , no one has a ‘pure’ path and it is wrong thinking to believe you do. Just looking within Christianity one can see all the Denominations within it to see that even on that path they pick and choose what works best for each of their own spiritual make up, you have those that like the formal and the ritual, the quiet and the mystical and then you see  denominations that likes to dance in the isles ,singing and clapping their hands ,speaking in tongues, emotions run  on high,it is not a quiet place to be. You have some that must live within a rigid life of laws of do’s and don’ts and some that believe all is legal but not all is helpful.Then you have all the others that fall some where in the middle.
Each religion places their concepts of ‘God/dess’ in their own little boxes, and many  demands that each of us must conform to the dictates and ideas of those in charge. ( I use the word’God/dess ‘because it contains both the male and the female within that word,unlike the word God which leaves out the best part!:) )But here’s the news flash ‘God/dess’ lives within each of us, and does not fit into any box. God/dess is reflected out from all of us as the Moon reflects the Sun. We , each of us ,is a Priest or Priestess of the God/dess that lives within, and here’s another news flash, that reflection is colored and shaped by who we each individually are.
I embrace aspects of 5 paths which are Paganism/witchcraft, Taoism, Native American Spirituality, Christianity and Shamanism, which   can be placed on each point of a pentagram and works well for that symbolism on my altar .
It is just who we are it is how we are hardwired, each of us need different things in our life, each of us has our idea of what is the perfect combination that speaks to our hearts. What we need to understand is that it is normal and ok to do so. We need to stop passing judgement on each other because we have different needs, and different ideas on what we deem the ‘spiritual’. Lets embrace our differences and our similarities and rejoice that our Creator loves us anyway.
blessed be and Shalom

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I have always loved a Celtic symbol I only know in my heritage as the Trinity knot.  It is also a symbol I have wanted to have as a tattoo on my arm or some place interesting.  Today I found out some of the meanings of this symbol.

The triquetra is a tripartite design comprised of three interlocked vesicae piscis made up of three interlocking semi-circles. It can be found alone, inscribed within a circle, or more often as in a logo, intersected by a circle within the design.

It has been found on rune stones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins. It presumably had a pagan religious meaning, and it bears a resemblance to the Valknut, a symbol associated with the Norse god Odin. It is interesting to note that the ancient Goths a Germanic ethnic group used this symbol. The triquetra later became widely used, in varying but similar forms, by the Medieval Celtic peoples.

Historically, this symbol has been most commonly used in the Christian church as a symbol of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This appropriation was particularly easy because the triquetra conveniently incorporated three shapes, each of which was interpreted as the Christian Ιχθυς symbol (ichthus, meaning “fish”).

In Wiccan and Neo-pagan beliefs, the triquetra symbolizes the triple goddess (maid, mother, and crone) or one of the triple goddesses, for example, The Morrigan. The triquetra can also represent the three basic parts of a human being: mind, body, and soul. The ancient Celts used it to stand for the three domains of earth according to their legends–earth, sea, and sky.

The triquetra also appears in the U.S. television series Charmed, probably as a less threatening alternative to the pentacle (five-pointed star, the preferred emblem of witches, real and imaginary). In the series, the triquetra represents the “power of three, acting as one,” which in turn represents the three sisters.

So, let’s reclaim the symbol as a Christian one and at the same time using it as a bridge point between historic Christianity and modern Wiccan\Neo-pagan beliefs, and possibly even as a way of recalling the ancient Goths.

Source: Wikipedia entry for “triquetra.”

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While browsing one of my favorite online sources of witch/pagan related information, I stumbled across an interesting story.  It has been posted and re-posted on many Wiccan, Pagan and other Witch related blogs, sites and online Books of Shadows.   To protect others copyright, I am taking this story from a website called sacred-texts.com.  The author/creator of this story is unknown, but whomever they were, they clearly believed Yeshua to be a divine human sent from a dualistic Divine God and Goddess to help, teach and save us.    (You’ll recognize a few significant Tarot card references as well)   This to me, is a great example of why Christian Witchcraft, Christian Mysticism and Christo-Paganism can and do exist!  Hope you enjoy this….

The Jesus Story

The Lord and the Lady (and the Fool, of course) looked at the Men and Women, and were not pleased.
“Look at that! They saw Your Sacrifice, and went and elaborated it into some kind of magic.” The Lady spoke disgustedly. “Cutting out human hearts. Sacrificial Kings. Ritual burnings. Ritual torture. Blood sacrifices. Cannibalism. Blood, killing and more blood! What -do- they think they’re doing?”
“I agree it’s pretty grim,” said the Sacred King, “But it does work, though in a very limited way. So….what can we do about it?”
“I know what We can do, but it will take all of Us,” said the Fool, unsmiling. “Listen up….”
As he began to explain, the faces of all Three grew grimmer and grimmer, and sad beyond words.

The Fool incarnated as a Child within a Woman, who was the Mother and the Maiden. He was born in poverty, and laid in a straw bed.  He grew up in a small village in a backwater nation on the edges of a great Empire. Some, a very few, knew Him and honored Him, seeing Him as the Child, truly the Child of Promise, but most simply went on with their lives, unknowing. When He was of age, He turned, and from Child became Transformer, and He began to teach.  As Transformer, He went out on the dusty roads of the small, conquered nation, and taught the Way of Love. Love for -all,- not just some. He taught of the Brotherhood of Man, and of the Fatherhood of the Lord.  He taught of the Way of Salvation: to love. To love the Diety, and to love your neighbor, whoever he might be.  He brought a message of hope to the poor, and a warning to the opressor.   Around Him, He assembled a small band of men and women, and taught them His Mystery. But one was given a role to play, and the role was Betrayer.  

A man asked, “Teacher, what shall we do when those that hate us strike us?”
And He answered, “Turn the other cheek, and let them strike you again. Give them love in return for hate. If you must take up the sword, then do it in great reluctance, and only after you have stepped aside time and time again. Remember that I bring you not peace, but a sword, for this Path will separate you from your families and friends, and your enemies will persecute you in their ignorance.  And forgive your enemies, and those who wrong you, that you may put away your anger and live in love.”
Another asked, “Sensei, what of the poor?”
And He answered, “The poor you shall always have with you, but give them the tools to lift themselves out of their poverty. Clothe and feed them, but give them the means of independence also.”
“But what of the rich, then?” said a wealthy man.
“Give what you have to the poor. give them of clothing, and food, and, more importantly, of learning, for if you feed a man, then you have only given him one meal, but if you teach him to feed himself, then he may eat for a lifetime, and move from the cycle of poverty and ignorance,” He said. “Lay not treasures up for yourself on earth, save that you give of that treasure to those in need, but rather lay up treasure in heaven, for it would be easier for a camel to pass thru a needle’s eye than for an avaricious man to leave his earthly treasure for heaven.”
A Doctor asked Him, “Healer, what of the sick?”
“Verily, let them be healed by the knowledge of man, and by prayer,” He answered, “For whatsoever you ask in prayer, if you have faith even as small as the tiniest grain of mustard seed, what you need will be granted you. But be wary of what you ask for, for you will get what you need, and not always what you want.”
A woman asked, “Rabbi, what of those that follow other Teachers?”
And He answered, smiling, “There are many rooms in your Father’s house, and many fields in Heaven. And I come again, and yet again, and as there are many languages of mankind, so are there many Names for Deity. Rejoice in it, and be glad of the diversity of Deity, and do not hate those that call the Diety by other names, but rather weigh them by their deeds.”
And one asked of Him, “How should we pray?”
And He answered, saying, “Pray in your own fashion, as you will, for all prayer is good. But if you wish, pray thusly:
‘Our Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom
come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread, and forgive us our errors, as we forgive the errors of
others. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.’

And if you feel this prayer should be given to the Mother, then let it be so.”
And a Priest shouted, angrily, “Shall God be then female?”
And He answered, “The Deity is what It will be, not what you make It into. You see the Diety in your own image; if you are vengeful, then your God is vengeful. If you are full of hate, then your God is hateful. But if you have love, then you shall know the Deity’s love.  Listen, and be wise.”
A child asked, “Father, how shall we know what is right, and what is wrong?”
And He replied, “Weigh it by it’s fruits. If it gives a bad fruit, then it is wrong, but if the fruit is good, then eat of it and be happy.”  “But Brother, what of a fruit that seems to be good, yet will poison us slowly?” asked another.
And He answered, “If a man die of it, then it is an evil fruit.  Look you to the past, see the mistakes therein, and learn therefrom.  And beware those who would lead you into error thru their own need of power over you; leave them to the trap of their own making.”
One of the Priests came to Him, a man enmeshed in legalism, and thinking to trap Him said, “Teacher, What is the Law?”
And He looked at the Priest and said, “Love God. Love thy neighbor. All else is commentary, and the Law of Man. Study the holy books of all faiths, weigh the good and the bad in each, and learn.”
And the Priest went away abashed.
And a person came to Him and said, “What of magic?”   “Know that your will is that of a human, and you are not omniscient. You cannot see all the results of your actions. Therefore ask ‘Not my will, but Thine be done’ and leave the ordering of the MultiVerse to Deity, not to human will,” He replied. “Order yourself, not the MultiVerse.”

And two came to Him, and asked, “O Mahatma, We are of the same sex, and love each other. What shall we do?”
And He looked upon them, and said, “An it harm none, do as you will.  You are all the Children of the Deity, and the Deities’ Love for you is greater than you can imagine.”
A policeman asked of Him, “But what of the Laws of Man? If these Laws of Man conflict with the Law of the Diety, what shall we do then, Padre?”
And Transformer answered, “Listen and hear. Obey the Laws of Man, for these Laws have power over your body. But if there is a man-made law that is not good, then strive to change it, in peace. But if you cannot change it, then obey it. And, if you must disobey it to change it, then accept the judgements of Man’s Law in good grace until it is changed. But put not your trust in Rulers, and Kings and Princes, nor in those that would lead you, be they Priest, Priestess, or any other Office and Position, but weigh their words carefully, that their words match their deeds, and no hypocrisy enters into them, for as your leaders you have given them power over you. And always remember that Man’s Law is made for humanity, and not humanity for Man’s Law.”
And with the policeman was a woman, who had violated the Law of Man, and had been taken for her crime. She said, “But what of me, Lord? I am to be stoned by the crowd.”
And He picked up a stone from the ground, looked at her, and said, simply, “Let he who is without mistakes cast the first stone at you.” And He dropped His stone from His hand.  And there was a silence from the crowd, and those with stones in their hands dropped them guiltily to the ground.
And He said to her, “Learn from your error, go in peace, and make error no more.”
And he said to those that had dropped their stones, and who were burdened by their guilt, “Be not guilty, for guilt is but a warning from your conscience. Be you delivered from your hell. Learn from your error, put it from you, and err no more.  And equally, if the tree that gives a bad fruit can be taught to give a good fruit, then do so. But if it persist in giving bad fruits, then leave it.”
And He walked to a nearby hill, and turned to the people, and spoke thusly:
        “Blessed be those who are poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
        “Blessed be those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.”
        “Blessed be the meek, for they shall live to inherit the earth, long after the strong, and the proud, and the warlike have killed each other in their pride.”
        “Blessed be those that hunger and thirst after the Truth, for they shall know it.”
        “Blessed be the merciful, for they shall have mercy shown unto them.”
        “Blessed be the pure in heart, for they shall see the Deity all the days of their lives and after.”
        “Blessed be those that make peace among men, for they shall be called the Children of the Diety.”
        “Blessed be those that are persecuted for the sake of the Truth, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
        Blessed be you, when men shall persecute you, and perjure themselves against you, and lie about you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for your reward is great indeed.”
        “Let your Light so shine before all humanity, that they may know the Truth of you, and learn to live in love.”

And he placed His hand upon the head of a dog, and said, “Your Brothers and Sisters in fur are your Brothers and Sisters in truth. They are in your care, and in your hands. Treat them with kindness, and that kindness will be returned to you a thousandfold. To those that give themselves to be eaten by you offer thanks, and be grateful to them for your sustenance.   Treat your Mother the earth likewise with kindness, and all the growing things thereon will sing your praises to the Highest, and you shall eat and drink of Her fruits, and live in joy and gladness all the days of your lives. Little children, love one another!”

In truth, there was much more that He taught, and much of it is written for our study and learning, and the study of His teachings is a good and worthy thing. But the following of His teachings is a better thing, for He was who He said He was, and that is also a Great Mystery.
And the Betrayer spoke to Him, and said, “Renounce this Path. It only leads to destruction. Give over to me, and I will give you rulership of all the kingdoms of Earth.”
And He gazed upon the Betrayer, and spoke, and said, “Get thee hence, foolish one, for I have no need of earthly treasure, nor earthly power, for all such is false, and an illusion.”
And on the night that He was betrayed, during a Festival that celebrated the conquered people’s deliverance from tyranny, (and to choose such a time and place is also a Great Mystery and a great lesson).  He took of the Sacred King, the Bread of Life, blessed and broke it, and gave it to His followers, and said, “This is My body. Do this in remembrance of Me.”
And then he took wine, fruit of the Mother, and blessed it, and gave it to them also, and said, “This is My blood. Do this in remembrance of Me.”  And Transformer was betrayed by the Betrayer, betrayed to the legalists and the soldiers of the occupying army, accused of sedition and taken by the Law of Man, and sentenced to die.
And they fastened Him to an instrument of torture, to kill Him like a common criminal, with cruel jokes.
And He was hung from a Tree.  And watching was the Mother, and the Maiden, and the Crone, and They all three mourned Him.   He turned, and was the Sacred King, and simultaneously the Fool (and that is a Great Mystery indeed) and, as He died, he said, “It is finished.” And His Blood ran out upon the Earth, and worked a great magic.  His body was buried in a tomb of rock, and the soldiers of the occupying army guarded it.   But after three days and three nights, a greater magic was done, and He took His body again, sitting with the Lord and the Lady, and showed Himself to His followers, to show them that Death is not to be feared.
And He said, “You have been bought, and redeemed, and nevermore shall you make sacrifice of blood, for this is the Final Sacrifice for all time, for all places, and for all those there are and were, and will be.  And fear not Death, for it it but a change in a MultiVerse of changes; another turning of the wheel on a road all must travel.”
And He shall come again, as He has throughout all history, teaching the Great Truth: that we shall love the Deity, and love our neighbor, for Love is the heart of the Law, and that Law is Love. For He is always with us and in us all.

“I don’t -ever- want to go through that again!”
The Fool spoke vehemently, thru tears.
“I don’t think you’ll have to go quite -that- far the next time,” said the Lady. “They’ll still play their stupid games with blood, but not for very much longer.”
“I hope not,” said the Sacred King, “But do We have to put up with that Paul fella? He’s a bit of a nut-case.”
“If you want it to work out right, yes,” said the Lady. “He may be a nut-case, but he’ll spread the Word quickly, and, after a time, they’ll get the idea. And from that will come the seed of My future believers.”
“Sorry about that,” said the Fool. “I did my best, but in such a patriarchal society as that one was, I just couldn’t make much headway about You.”
“No problem,” She said. “They can deny Me all they want to, but I’m still here.”

Thus it was, and so it is, and evermore shall be so!

Quite an interesting perspective of Jesus’ story, isn’t it??  As for me, this story goes into my personal BOS, because the next time someone asks me how and what I believe, I’ll just hand them this story with a smile, as my answer!

Blessed be!!

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I have always known I was different, that I believed different since I was a very young child around age 4. I am one some may call an old soul or know that I have been here before. I have never liked being too much with children my own age, as I do love toys very much, I liked looking at them an not really playing with them. I learned to read even around age 3 1/2, and was reading books I had no business as a child. The libraries would always directed me to the childrens section but I wanted to read adult books. Not porn, but books about life, learning and such I found interesting. I had to start studying religious things on my own, because I was seen as “to young,” to understand or grasp the concept of deep things. I mostly went along with it all until I was pretty much old enough to speak my mind with out getting back handed. In my family, church, and social background, children were “seen and not heard.” You did not embarrass the family, friends, or elders of the church, or you would get “what for,” later.

I have shared that I was raised a strict Christian with Jewish enhancements. My maternal grandmother was Irish/Jewish and Native American, yet a mountain hillbilly, go figure. Anything is possible in America. We all are really mixed up with something. Well, she was raised Jewish and Baptist, but practiced her natural medicines, or witchery on the side as has been passed down from generation to generation for I don’t know how long. I learned many things growing up from her and my mother.

Even with this, I believe in the Trinity: Father God, Jesus the Christ (the anointed one and son of God) and the Holy Spirit (our comforter and constant companion). I myself have a hard time believing or doing the goddess thing. Some say the Holy Spirit is the female part of God, that is easier to swallow then having a separate goddess. I do believe in Mother earth – Gaia. It is the earth that keep us, provides the natural part of our lives. She takes care of us as we take care of her. There is earth magick, as there are the others. The father God, Creator or as you see make all possible. There are so many things yet to learn and understand. A friend of mine is helping me, she has a website with some explanations and links that may help others also you may want to check out http://www.theravenwing. org it can only help.  It came before this blog site I believe.  I am always studying on my own and finding out new things, delving into old ancient texts, scriptures, histories, and looking at films. I just saw on on Jesus in India. This raises some good questions, and may shake up others theology. Me, I am cool, I know in who and where my Faith lies regardless.
Peace and Blessings be upon all.
We are Salt and Light.

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For many centuries there have been questions about the missing years of Yeshua’s life before his ministry really began.  The last record of Jesus before his ministry beginnings and after his birth, was when his parents missed him at the temple at the age of twelve.  Beyond that there is nothing, between the ages of twelve until his early 30’s, his life is a virtual mystery.  There have been theories, especially in the very early Christian churches like the Gnostics and other similar groups, that in those missing years, Jesus may have travelled to many different countries and studied other religions.  One of the most widely speculated religions he may have studied is Buddhism.  Most of this is due to the similarities of Jesus’ teachings of love, compassion and peace which of course are some of the core principles in Buddhism.   And let’s face it folks, if you have ever read the Old Testament, you are driven to wonder what led Jesus to preach such a major departure from the “wrath of an angry God” and “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” attitudes of his ancestors.   Is it possible that in those early years, he did travel and study the religions of other cultures, like neighboring India where Buddhism was practiced?  Was this part of the framework of his teachings?  Was it a way to bring the ideas and concepts of other religions into his faith and followers??  Or is it just a concidence that the teachings of Jesus and Buddhism share similarities?

I ask these questions with no answers, b/c I believe each person has their own answers.  But I got the idea for this blog from another blog today on Beliefnet.com.  I won’t post the entire Blog piece here and take the credit away from the original author, but I will definitely post a link.  The author is a practicing Buddhist himself, but feels most strongly that the teachings’ of Yeshua definitely have ties to Buddhism.  He wonders, like I do, if Yeshua did indeed travel and learn about Buddha and the religious practices in his travels.  Perhaps he did and immediately saw similarities of Buddha and his “Heavenly Father”.  Did he recognize them as one deity?  Did the Divine speak to Yeshua and assure him of the connection?  Or did he take the parts of Buddhism that “spoke” to him and use them as a way to teach?  If a devout Buddhist can see the possible connection, why can’t more Christians be open to the possiblity? 

Unfortunately there are many in both religions, Christianity and Buddhism, that will adamently argue that there is no connection between the two and to say otherwise is heresy, blasphemy or just plain wrong.  I disagree.  Is there harm in believing that God/Jesus and Buddha are connected?  I don’t believe so.  Is it wrong to take aspects of both religions into your personal worship or practice?  Wiccans and Pagans often utilize many Buddhist teachings in their rituals, so why can’t Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc??  That is what I’ve done as a Esoteric Christian Mystic/Witch, taking practices and ideas from many religious practices and incorporating them in my worship of Christian Deities.    There is room for many religions and faiths in this world.  The Bible says “in my Father’s house, there are many mansions.”  Isn’t it possible they are meant for all people who practice religions and faiths which teach and practice light, peace and love of the Divine?

Please read this blog article and decide for yourself.    Meditations on Jesus

Blessed be in Yeshua.

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