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The full moon in July is known as the Buck Moon as this is when deer antlers begin to show their growth. This month’s full moon appears in earthy Capricorn and brings a time of radiance and blossoming. It is a time to search for the deeper meaning in what you are creating in your life. Question every moment, discerning what is in the best interest for everyone in your life.

The energy from the full moon in Capricorn could instigate the seeds of ambition. Always be aware of this full moon energy and seek balance and wisdom in your ambition. It is time for conscientiously apply yourself to tasks while living solely in the present. The Earthy Capricorn Moon helps us reach to the sky to achieve our highest goals.

Knowing that we need to balance this full moon drive toward ambitiousness, it is helpful to recite a mantra that brings the peace needed to accomplish goals, and create an environment of success and appreciation. It is recommended that calling to the Creator through sound allows for vibration of a new perspective.

A good mantra for achieving peace & balance is simply: Om Shanti Om.

You may also find it helpful to burn a blue candle and recite Psalm 91. I have translated Psalm 91 from the Hebrew so that a deeper understanding of the female/male goddess/god may be seen. Italics are my additions.

She who dwells in the shelter of Elyon (god) will rest in the shadow of Shaddai (goddess). I will say of YHWH, “They are my refuge and my fortress, my Elohim (plural-goddess & god), in whom I trust.” Surely they will save me from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. They will cover me with their feathers, and under their garment of wings I will find refuge; their faithfulness will be my shield and rampart. I will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at my side, ten thousand at my right hand, but it will not come near me. I will only observe with my eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. If I make Elyon my dwelling, even YHWH who is my refuge, then no harm will befall me, no disaster will come near my tent. They will command their angels concerning me to guard me in all of my ways. They will lift me up in their hands, so that I will not strike my foot against a stone. I will tread upon the lion and the cobra; I will trample the great lion and the serpent. “Because she loves us, we will rescue her; we will protect her, for she acknowledges haShem (the Name). She will call upon us, and we will answer her; we will be with her in trouble, we will deliver her and honor her. With long life will we satisfy her and show her our Yeshua (salvation-the Name of Jesus).”


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Well in this case, what it means to ME….

Everyone knows what it means to be a Christian, at least on a basic level.  To be a follower and believer of Jesus Christ/Yeshua and his message and teachings and to accept him as a Messiah and Saviour.  Pretty simple right??

Well a longtime and open-minded friend of mine asked me, what it really means to be a witch.  At first, I honestly didn’t know how to answer that person, I thought about going into this long winded spiel about respecting nature, gods and goddesses, sabbats, herbs, stones, Tarot Cards, meditation and other New Age” related examples.  But I realized that anybody can rattle off that and never get to the “heart” of the craft.  

I realized that anyone can call themselves a witch, but do they really understand what that means?  I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that know precisely what it means to them, but there are probably just as many out there that use the term, but have NO idea exactly what defines it.   This entire thought process then got me wondering, did I truly understand what it meant to me to call myself a witch?  

At the time this all occurred, I had been studying and learning about the Craft for nearly a year.  Then one day in my studies, I discovered this poem and knew that for me, it was a perfect definition of what being a witch meant.    This was one of the first things I wrote in my BOS&L when I started it and I read it every so often as a reminder of why I call myself a witch as well as a Christian…

So if you are questioning what it means to call oneself a witch, I hope this helps give you some of your answers.  (PS. I made one small change in the original poem to reflect my personal faith in the Divine God/dess!)

To Be a Witch…

To be a witch is to love & be loved.
To be a witch is to know everything & nothing at all.
To be a witch is to move amongst the stars while staying on earth.
To be a witch is to change the world around you & yourself.
To be a witch is to share & give while receiving all the while.
To be a witch is to dance & sing & hold hands with the universe.
To be a witch is to honor God/dess & yourself.
To be a witch is to Be Magick not just perform it.
To be a witch is to be honorable or nothing at all.
To be a witch is to accept others who are not.
To be a witch is to know what you feel is right & good.
To be a witch is to harm none.
To be a witch is to know the ways of old.
To be a witch is to see beyond the barriers.
To be a witch is to follow the moon.
To be a witch is to be one with God/dess.
To be a witch is to study & to learn.
To be a witch is to be the teacher & the student.
To be a witch is to acknowledge the truth.
To be a witch is to live with the earth & not just on it.
To be a witch is to be truly free!

-author unknown-

If anyone has any additional thoughts to this blog post, I’m eager to hear from others on this topic.  What do you think defines one as a witch?  What makes you believe yourself to be a witch?  If you don’t use the term witch, what do you call yourself and why? 

Blessed be!

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The month of December is filled with spiritual holidays to be celebrated. As the holiday season gets into full swing and everybody and everything speeds up, let us try to slow down and enjoy each and every day as a Divine Gift. Here is a list of some of the upcoming spiritual holidays in December.

Please feel free to comment with ones I may have missed!

  • December 6th St Nicholas Day
  • December 11th Hanukkah Begins
  • December 12th Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • December 13th St Lucia Day
  • December 16th New Moon
  • December 21st Yule
  • December 25th Christmas
  • December 25th Twelve-tide Begins (The 12 Days of Christmas)
  • December 26th Kwanzaa Begins
  • December 26th St Stephen Day
  • December 26th Boxing Day
  • December 31st Full (Blue) Moon
  • December 31st Current Culture’s New Year’s Eve

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Several of my friends consider me to be a Candle Rescuer. Unwanted and abused pets need to be rescued by loving people and taken into a wonderful environment. This is Animal Rescue (highly commendable!) Well, I rescue Candles. When candles no longer burn correctly or have ceased to entertain, my friends bring them to me for restoration (rescue).

I know this sounds silly, but I consider all things, including candles, to be subject to Jesus’ statement in John 6:12 when He said, “Let nothing be wasted.” I know that originally Jesus was talking about the leftover food after He finished feeding the masses. But in this day of hyper-consumerism and mega-materialism, a little frugality is refreshing, even if it is just candles!

Candle Care

Do you find your candles burning unevenly and leaving a lot of wasted wax? Make sure to always trim your wicks to ¼ of an inch before each burn, and burn your candles in a draft-free environment.

Do you find that your candles tend to drill holes down the center and you end up having a candle with a deep well and high, thick, sides? One issue is the quality of the candles. But even cheap candles can burn evenly and efficiently with a few tips. Measure the diameter of the candle across the top. Be sure to burn your candle for at least one hour for each inch in diameter. If your candle is 3 inches in diameter and you only burn it for 1 hour, you will start drilling a hole in your candle! Burn a 3 inch diameter candle for at least 3 hours. If you only have 1 hour to burn your candle, choose a smaller one!

An added technique to help you get the most out of your candle is to help the top of the candle curve inward as it burns. Gently cup the top of your candle as it burns, and press the rim inward toward the flame. This helps the top outer wax burn down, preventing the drilling of holes.

Candle Rescue

Let’s start rescuing some candles! Grab one of your pillar candles that has a deep hole drilled in it. Take your athame or other sharp knife. About an inch above the bottom of the well, cut a nice score line around the entire candle on the outside wax. When you feel the candle has been scored deeply enough, gently but firmly whack the outside of the candle above the scoreline while holding the main body of the candle in your other hand. When the top wax has been broken off, then lightly carve the top of the candle into a less jagged edge. To finish, take a butane lighter and, while holding the candle upside down, melt the top edge of the candle until it is as smooth as you like. Make sure to trim the wick to ¼ inch to be ready for burning.

Don’t throw away that leftover wax! If you get into making your own candles, this wax can be reused. If it is fragrant enough, let it set out as a potpourri until its scent is gone. If you like to seal letters and other items with a wax stamp, you can use this wax for the task!

What about candles that come in jars and little pre-filled containers? These can be reused as well. The smaller containers can be used to burn tea lights and votives. The larger containers, especially the ones that come with lids, can be cleaned out and used to hold treats or buttons or paperclips, or even your herbs!

I hope this little article has been helpful. Always remember to never leave a burning candle unattended! If you have any additional tips or ideas, please let me know and I will add it to this post!

Waxing Moon Blessings from Melody!

MotherPhoenix warns: If you are clumsy like me, wear a thick shirt or apron that has a lining to protect oneself! Sometimes I think I need a coat of armor!

Melody says: Good idea—always remember to protect yourself and the area you are working on from burns and drippage. My husband has not discovered this yet, but I have burned a hole in 2 of his t-shirts and I also burned a small hole in one of our rugs! Maybe I should take a break from playing with fire!

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Fusion Magick

As practitioners of magick, we are generally not “purists” when it comes to using only one type of magick. We find ourselves fusing different types of magick for our desired outcome, such as moon magick, candle magick, and crystal magick for one type of spell and color magick and divination magick for another type of spell. I have listed below some definitions for the most common types of magick. Please let me know if I have missed anything and I will add it to the list!

Active Magick is magick that is directed outward to bring about a desired event or to affect someone else.

Alchemy Magick is a form of mysticism that blends magick with ancient science. It includes the in depth study of nature as well as philosophical and spiritual disciplines. Alchemists are devoted to the study of nature and specifically the composition of minerals, rocks and metals found in the Earth. Some alchemists were very devoted to the idea that common materials could be turned into gold.

Amulet Magick holds to the idea that amulets are magical items that have been wrought by the hands of a magician, sorcerer, or Shaman. In the Judeo-Christian tradition blessed religious artifacts are akin to Amulets and Talismans such as Medals of Saints, and Phials of Water and Earth from Holy Places.

Angel Magick calls upon various angels, archangels, guardians, watchtowers, etc to aid in bringing about a desired outcome.

Appalachian Magick (see Granny Magick)

Binding Magick is not the most recommended practice. To bind is to keep someone from doing something; almost like putting a wall between them and the chosen thing. This is a very restrictive magick and is often very unethical if used for the wrong reason. It is never to be taken lightly as it is long lasting, often very strong and can cause the law of three to see retribution against you. One way that binding magick is performed is through Knot Magick.

Black Magick is generally considered “bad” magick as it is magick for selfish reasons, to do harm to another, control another`s will, and for some people, magick performed without others’ permission.

Blue Magick is wealth magick, but not generally simple money spells. Blue magick is usually worked to bring about ways of making money, financial projects and gaining on wealth investments.

Candle Magick corresponds with the element of Fire and utilizes the power of candles through a variety of avenues including the color of the candle, symbols carved onto the candle, anointing the candle with oil, and also the scent and the number of candles. All of this raises the energy and power of the spell. Most of us unknowingly performed our first candle magick when we made a wish at our birthday and blew out the candles.

Ceremonial Magick is one of the most complicated systems of spiritual attainment. It is a mixture of Jewish, Christian, and ancient Egyptian philosophy mixed with ancient Indian and Chaldean ideas spiced with a hint of earlier Paganism. This is mixed with the ceremonial aspects of Catholicism and Masonry. It usually heavily involves the study of the Kabalah, the mysticism of the world put into Jewish and Judeo-Christian terms.

Chaos Magick is very experiential and experimental and refers to the fusion of any and all types of magick that one may try and see results. Chaos magick usually takes one of two paths: to either follow no set rule or regulations of ritual or to blend any rituals that will attain the end result.

Color Magick is the use of color as a symbol to achieve a desired result. Each color has a certain vibration and quality assigned to it, and the combination or the individual use of this assigned color will bring about the desired result.

Contagious Magick is similar to representational magick in that it uses a person`s personal belongings (clothing, hair, nails, a shoe, etc). The main difference is that contagious magick is used mainly for a variety of love spells to darker forms of magick such as the hexes and curses.

Crystal Magick works off the principle that stones give off a vibration and that using this vibration will assist the practitioner in healing or in casting a spell. There are a multitude of crystals, stones and metals that can be used for many purposes through either simply invoking the energies of the crystals or crystal elixirs. See Gem Stone Magick.

Divination Magick is the use of symbols to represent various ideas. This includes Tarot, Runes and numerology.

Dream Magick attempts to create magick while in the sleep state utilizing ideas such as the dream pillow, pre-sleep meditation, astral experiences, etc. Dream magick is usually incredibly useful for tapping into the astral and ones own psyche. Through dream magick, you can connect to the hidden secrets of your mind and to realms you can’t access through the physical.

Eco Magick focuses on blessing Gaia (Mother Earth) and Gaia’s inhabitants through recycling, composting, conservation, planting, Earth Blessings, and other ways of conscious care for the Earth.

Elemental Magick uses the four basic elements of magick; fire, water, earth and air. Each element has different properties; therefore, they can be used separately or together in achieving a desired result.

Fairy Magick calls upon the “little people” for help, but those who know the fae folk also know that they can be as harmful as they are helpful. Be careful in fairy magick as the fae folk will make sure they are well respected, have been given the proper gifts, and that their natural habitat has not been disrupted.

Folk Magick (see Granny Magick)

Gargoyle Magick—I have heard of gargoyle magick but am not familiar with it—comments welcome!

Gem Stone Magick (see Crystal Magick)

Glamour Magick is used to increase our physical beauty by enchantments. They can be as simple and subtle as disguising a small scar or as large as changing your eye or hair color. Often they can even be used to even inspire desire in another human being.

Granny Magick most commonly refers to a type of Appalachian Mountain Magick comprised of Scotch Irish traditions brought from Europe blended with Native American systems of belief. Types of this magick include dowsing for water (Water Witches), herbal & root healing, midwifery, ley lines, energy vortexes, charms, poultices and potions.

Gray Magick is the most common type of magick performed. Gray magick is usually for self-interest as it brings about a desired outcome that is beneficial for the one performing magick. Often spells are performed for another without their permission for a desired beneficial outcome. This may fall in the “black” magick area because the one performing magick does not have the others’ permission, but because the intent is unselfish it is therefore categorized as “gray” magick.

Hearth Magick (see Low Magick)

Herb Magick is the use of herbs for a large variety of spellwork as well as physical healing, mental clarity and emotional wellbeing. Herb magick usually falls under the heading of practical magick.

Healing Magick can be accomplished through a variety of methods. It can be done through straight energy transfer (reiki and other methods), poppet magick, herb magick, crystal magick and almost every other magick type for often wonderful results.

High Magick is the ritual manipulation of energies, thought forms, and tools to obtain effective, reliable effects. It is also often said to be the commanding of natural spirits. It involves one’s own energies, colored and amplified by set, circumstance, and will to achieve magickal action. Overall, this point of view considers high magick to be closely akin to science. High Magick is not considered “better” than Low Magick, only different. Nearly all ritual involves elements of both high and low magick.

Imitative Magick uses drawings, paintings on paper, earth,sand, mud, walls, etc of symbolic images representing your goal or an actual picture or drawing of what you want to happen. The object is that if you can draw it and see it then you can make it happen. It`s like drawing what you visualize in your mind. This type of magick is mainly used to inhance your magick, to bring power to achieve your intended goal.

Kitchen Magick isn’t that different from typical cooking, using natural ingredients to make everything from a meal to soap to oils to potions. The tools are your everyday kitchen utensils, pots, pans and other kitchen utilities. Those who have a talent for baking or cooking can even be considered to be kitchen witches because they have been given a culinary gift by God/dess. The key to kitchen witchcraft is in the intent not the ritual or the tools. You put time, effort, love and care into your work and that is where the magic lies. Kitchen magick is the oldest form of the craft, most people just didn’t know they were doing it.

Knot Magick is a very ancient practice that usually is based on the number of knots tied on a cord, usually with purposes for each knot. Knot Magick utilizes rope, string, yarn or ribbons to perform spells, including binding spells, which allows the practitioner to stop someone from performing an unwanted action. Some carry the tied desire around with them, wear it, and then untie it to represent release. The color, form and energies are all used when practicing this type of magick.

Low Magick concerns communion with divine energy and/or energies and spirits of plants, animals, etc. to obtain what is needed (rather than what is wanted) for oneself or others. Most commonly, this form uses personal energy as a gift to the spirits or to the Divine in return for aid. Essentially, this method is similar to prayer. Low Magick is not considered “worse” than High Magick, only different. Nearly all ritual involves elements of both low and high magick.

Moon Magick emphasizes the different phases of the moon to perform certain types of magick.

Mountain Magick (see Granny Magick)

Operational Magick is filled with ritual and is usually very dogmatic and restrictive. Adherents of operational magick would be followers of groups such as Hermetics, Thelema, and Kabalists.

Passive Magick is magick that comes to us from outside of ourselves with nonphysical causes, such as ESP or other psychic phenomenon.

Personal Magick is directed for the self for self help. Often working on the subconscious mind alone with repetitive chants, self-hypnosis and visualization, many people perform this kind of magick on themselves are not aware of it or may even deny it as magick.

Poppet Magick was popularized in the practice of voodoo but has been used in many different magickal systems in history. Usually “poppets” are made of cloth or wax and are activated with a possession (be it an object or a hair clipping etc.) to attach the energy of a person to the poppet. Usually poppet magick falls under the heading of representational magick.

Practical Magick is a natural method of performing magick spells and magick. Rather than focusing on the spiritual and other-worldly, practical magick is “useful” and abides by the laws of the feminine. Practical magick often uses various herbs, rites and rituals and considers the seasons, the Earth, nature and the moon and sun as playing important roles. Using the power of the earth produces amazing results and is considered the most natural way to involve oneself with magick and magickal practices.

Representational Magick is the use of a personal item, such as a lock of hair or a fingernail clipping to represent the person for whom the spell is cast. Those who practice Voodoo or Santeria magick use representational magick, similar to sympathetic magick.

Ritual Magick allows practitioners to make changes to their consciousnesses or the world around them through the repetition of certain words, phrases, and actions. Some rituals used in magick are quite old, while some are very modern. The rituals of this form of magick tend to be longer than those of many other forms of magick. It is often used synonymously with “Ceremonial Magick,” although the latter tends to be oriented toward groups rather than individuals, wherein many or all members participate.

Santeria Magick (see Representational Magick)

Sigil Magick is used in ceremonial magick when the sigil is considered to be the signature of an entity summoned by the magician and used to control that entity. In some forms of magick, a sigil is a representation of the Will of the magician and used to empower the goal of the Will through various means.

Symbolic Magick (see Divination Magick or Color Magick)

Sympathetic Magick is the oldest form of known magick. When early man first started the hunt, he would wear animal skins to become part of the animal he was hunting. There are many cave drawings that depict this, but none better than the “Sorcerer” in France.

Talisman Magick holds to the idea that talismans are generally those objects that are natural, and imbued with their magical properties as a consequence of their natural origins and kinship to the Elements. By this way of reckoning certain roots, crystals, mustika pearls, and bezoar stones would be talismans.

Tantric Magick is the use of sex activity, or the energies, passions or arousal states it evokes as a point upon which to focus the will, intention, or magical desire in order to achieve spiritual advancement or effects in the real world.

Tree Magick looks to the Druidic Tree Calendar for the energy of each month.

Voodoo Magick (see Representational Magick)

Weather Magick is one of the most difficult types of magick to work as it has to do with controlling the elements in order to change the weather for certain purposes. This kind of magick is difficult for a reason: it is not to be taken lightly as weather systems in one area usually can affect the whole world in a domino effect.

White Magick is generally considered “good” magick as it is performed for unselfish reasons, such as healing. White magick is always performed with the others’ permission.

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Color Magick

Astrological Correspondence: Aries & Scorpio & Mars
Day Correspondence: Tuesday
Sabbat Correspondence: Yule & Imbolc & Litha
Chakra Association: Base or Root-Bones, teeth, nails, colon, prostate gland, rectum, blood and blood cells. This chakra color adds power and support to your system.
Aura Association: Vitality, ambition, sexual power and leadership. A healthy red aura indicates good health and is often seen in athletes.
Magickal Properties: The color red symbolizes life’s blood, passion, fire, courage, strength, joy, life renewal, energy, health, motivation, desire. Red brings warmth, energy and stimulation, therefore good for energy, fatigue, colds, chilly and passive people. Red energizes heart and blood circulation, it builds up the blood and heightens a low blood pressure. Red energizes all organs and the senses hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch. Red increases sexual desire and activity & stimulates ovulation and menstruation. Never treat cancer with red, because this color will stimulate cell growth!
Color Specifics
Ruby Red: Love or anger of a passionate nature
Bright Red: Love, lust, sexual energy, romantic atmosphere, energy, vitality, physical strength, courage, dynamic creativity, action, god color
Light Red: Deep affection of a non-sexual nature

Astrological Correspondence: Sun & Leo & Sagittarius
Day Correspondence: Sunday
Sabbat Correspondence: Samhain & Beltane
Chakra Association: Sacral-Pelvis, kidneys, womb, bladder, blood, lymph, gastric juices, sperm, adrenaline. Orange breaks down barriers and cures depression.
Aura Association: Physical vitality, harmony. An orange aura can indicate a need to reduce stress but is also seen around people who are very outgoing.
Magickal Properties: Opportunities, happiness, mental alertness, kindness, material gain, removes feelings of abandonment and helps to seal a spell. Orange stimulates the lungs, the respiration and the digestion. Orange increases the activity of the thyroid & also relieves muscle cramps and spasms. Orange increases the amount of mother milk. Orange shows new possibilities and other options in life & stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm.
Color Specifics
Burnt Orange: Opportunity
Orange: Material gain, to seal a spell, attraction, healing the body, meditation, higher wisdom, positive energy, fair play

Astrological Correspondence: Mercury & Taurus & Leo & Libra
Day Correspondence: Sunday
Sabbat Correspondence: Litha & Ostara
Chakra Association: Solar Plexus-Lower back, gall bladder, pancreas, liver, spleen, digestive system. This color will remove negative thinking.
Aura Association: Love, creativity, kindness. If a yellow aura is seen it usually indicates incredible intellect, naturally seen in writers.
Magickal Properties: Energy of the sun, healing, friendship, strengthen productivity, improve inventiveness, prosperity, self-esteem, beauty, life, light, humility. Yellow stimulates brain and nervous activity, energizes the muscles, and speeds up digestion & assimilation. Yellow activates and cheers up depressed and melancholic people.
Color Specifics
Dark Yellow: Soothes pains in the nerves & shooting pains.
Yellow: Healing, power, communication, mental awareness, knowledge, protection, mental creativity, sun rapport

Astrological Correspondence: Venus & Mercury & Aquarius & Cancer
Day Correspondence: Wednesday & Friday
Sabbat Correspondence: Beltane & Yule & Ostara & Mabon
Chakra Association: Heart-Upper back, breasts, heart, lungs, air circulation. This color heals all parts of the body.
Aura Association: Balance and harmony. This color of aura shows a trusting and loving nature, and is naturally associated with artists. A light green aura may indicate a person who spends a little too much time in meditation.
Magickal Properties: Green has always been associated with the faerie folk, the green man and god/dess of vegetation and forest. Green represents healing, transformation, new beginnings, cleansing, financial gains, prosperity, hopefulness, spring, and immortality. Green brings psychological and emotional harmony and balance, therefore it works calming on the heart and healing on the kidneys (astrological associated with relationships). Green cures hormonal imbalances, stimulates growth hormone and rejuvenation, and purifies from germs, bacteria & rotting material. Green harmonizes the digestion, stomach, liver, gall, increases immunity, builds up muscles, bones and tissues. Green stimulates inner peace & strengthens the nervous system.
Color Specifics
Dark Green: Invoking the goddess of regeneration, agriculture, finances
Mint Green: Financial gains (used with gold and/or silver)
Green: Healing or health, natural growth, new growth, nature, abundance, fertility, harmony, finances, dreaming, shapeshifting, goddess color
Avocado Green: Beginnings
Light Green: Improve the weather

Astrological Correspondence: Moon & Virgo & Capricorn & Aquarius & Pisces
Day Correspondence: Monday & Friday & Wednesday
Sabbat Correspondence: Yule
Chakra Association: Throat-Neck, throat, thyroid, lungs, windpipe, ears. This color can help release mental confusion.
Aura Association: Logical and intelligent. This type of aura represents a natural healer and can indicate a very spiritual type of person.
Magickal Properties: Encourage wisdom, patience, peace, truth, loyalty, meditation, insight, happiness, fidelity. Blue cools down inflammations (including rheumatic inflammations), fever, high blood pressure, stops bleedings, relieves bursting headaches, calms strong emotions like anger, aggression or hysteria. Blue is for disinfecting and is antiseptic, anti-itching, anti-irritation, anti-stress & soothes suffering. Blue also brings tranquility.
Color Specifics
Turquoise: Increases intuition and sensitivity. Turquoise blue is also for disinfecting and is antiseptic. Turquoise blue tones the general system, builds the skin & relaxes sensations of stress.
Blue-Black: For wounded pride; broken bones; angel protection
Blue: Protection, cleansing, clearing blockages, higher wisdom, inspiration, getting rid of negativity, psychic protection
Royal Blue: Power and protection
Pale/Light Blue: Protection of the home, buildings, young males

Astrological Correspondence: Saturn & Capricorn
Day Correspondence: Saturday
Sabbat Correspondence: Samhain
Chakra Association: Brow-Face, central nervous system, nose, sinuses, eyes, ears, pituitary gland. This color aids the emotionally hurt.
Aura Association: Artistic talents and wisdom. This aura association is seen on people who are very gifted in magick and naturally clairvoyant.
Magickal Properties: Angelic protection. Use for broken bones or broken pride. Indigo strengthens contact with your life purpose, stimulates adrenaline and heart activity & builds up the aura.
Color Specifics
Indigo Blue: To reveal deep secrets, protection on the astral levels, defenses
Dark Purple: Use for calling up the power of the ancient ones, rune reading, government
Magenta: Very high vibrational frequency that tends to work fast, so usually burned with other candles, quick changes, spiritual healing, exorcism

Astrological Correspondence: Jupiter & Gemini & Sagittarius & Pisces & Virgo & Libra
Day Correspondence: Thursday
Sabbat Correspondence: Samhain
Chakra Association: Brow-Face, central nervous system, nose, sinuses, eyes, ears, pituitary gland. This color aids the emotionally hurt.
Aura Association: Responsibility for others and spiritual attainment, it is not an aura that is usually seen on a person.
Magickal Properties: Violet is a very spiritual hue and supports any spiritual undertaking, be it centering, wisdom or psychism; justice, forgiveness & humility. Violet is a color of transformation that heals melancholy, hysteria, delusions & alcohol addiction, Violet brings spiritual insights and renewal, slows down an over-active heart, stimulates the spleen and the white blood cells for immunity. Violet brings sleep, soothes mental and emotional stress, decreases sexual activity, decreases sensitivity to pain, & is useful in detoxification.
Color Specifics
Violet: Psychic ability and awareness, spiritual power, higher wisdom, channeling deity, dimensional communication
Lavender: To invoke the righteous spirit within yourself, favors for people

Astrological Correspondence: Pisces
Day Correspondence: Monday
Sabbat Correspondence: All Sabbats apply
Chakra Association: Crown-Brain and pineal gland. This color can help shy people become more outgoing.
Aura Association: Inspiration and illumination. White is also a rare aura color and can sometimes indicate a person is idealistic and often “dreamy.”
Magickal Properties: White is magickally neutral and represents the goddess and ancient mother. Safety, the divine self, enlightenment, cycle of life, freedom, health, love, initiation.
Color Specifics
Off-White: Peace of mind
Lily White: Mother candle (burned for thirty minutes at each moon phase)
White: Righteousness, purity, devotional magick, god/dess rapport, divine power and protection, divine inspiration, positive motivation, spirit color

Astrological Correspondence: none
Day Correspondence: Saturday
Sabbat Correspondence: Samhain & Yule
Chakra Association: none
Aura Association: Evil. Also rarely seen, this aura association indicates a person who is void of human feeling.
Magickal Properties: To return energy to its sender. Divination, banishing spells, chaos, beginning of creation, rebirth, infinity.
Color Specifics
Black: Protection, tapping into the unconscious, returning to sender, divination, getting rid of negativity, ending negative relationships, negative work

Astrological Correspondence: Sun & Leo
Day Correspondence: Sunday
Sabbat Correspondence: Ostara & Litha
Chakra Association: Gold could be substituted for Yellow of the Solar Plexus.
Aura Association: Unlimited potential, harmony and talent. This type of aura indicates a person that many people are attracted to because of their vibrant personality.
Magickal Properties: Solar energy and god. Leadership, logical thinking, problem-solving, conscious awareness, health and recovery.
Color Specifics
Deep Gold: Prosperity, sun magick
Gold: Attraction, god Candle
Pale Gold: Prosperity in health

Astrological Correspondence: none
Day Correspondence: Wednesday
Sabbat Correspondence: Litha & All Esbats
Chakra Association: none
Aura Association: Idealistic, able to adapt easily, high energy. This is the aura of wisdom or someone who strives to attain it.
Magickal Properties: Moon magic, reality, astral travel, restore balance, endurance, meditation, peace, freedom, connection to spirit.
Color Specifics
Silver: Quick money, gambling, invocation of the moon, moon magick, moon rapport, dreaming, ancestor communication, clairvoyance and telepathy, astral travel, channeling, goddess color

Astrological Correspondence: Scorpio & Capricorn
Day Correspondence: none
Sabbat Correspondence: Imbolc & Lughnasadh & Mabon
Chakra Association: none
Aura Association: Bronze means generous & humanitarian whereas Brown means selfish or someone who is in need of healing and is in a very fragile state.
Magickal Properties: Security, friendship, nature magick
Color Specifics
Dark Brown: Invoking earth energy for benefits
Brown: Peace in the home, herb magick, friendship
Pale Brown: Material benefits in the home

Astrological Correspondence: none
Day Correspondence: none
Sabbat Correspondence: none
Chakra Association: none
Aura Association: Unhappiness and low energy. This aura color can often indicate a violent person or someone with negative energy.
Magickal Properties: Stabilizes a disturbed personality.
Color Specifics
Gray: Neutrality, glamories

Astrological Correspondence: none
Day Correspondence: none
Sabbat Correspondence: Beltane & Litha
Chakra Association: none
Aura Association: Financial success, selfless love. This aura indicates a very romantic personality and someone who is very at peace with themselves.
Magickal Properties: Friendship, harmony, calming, self-love. Pink heals grief and sadness, restores youthfulness & brings you in contact with your feelings.
Color Specifics
Deep Pink: Harmony and friendship in the home
Pink: Love, harmony and friendship with people, romance, playfulness, healing emotions, relationships, family ties, children, binding magick
Pale Pink: Friendship, young females

Astrological Correspondence: none
Day Correspondence: none
Sabbat Correspondence: Imbolc & Mabon
Chakra Association: Peach could be substituted for Orange of the Sacral
Aura Association: This aura color is associated with very compassionate and understanding people.
Magickal Properties: Gentle strength and joy
Color Specifics
Peach: Soothing, feminine energy, calming and brightening the emotions

Directional Correspondences

North = Earth = Ancestors, Divinity, God/dess
Green (Primary)
Brown (Secondary)

East = Air = Patterns, Mastery, Thoughts
Yellow (Primary)
White (Secondary)

South = Fire = Creative Fire, Power, Transformation
Red (Primary)
Orange (Secondary)

West = Water = Emotions, Feelings, Intuition
Blue (Primary)
Violet (Secondary)

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